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Upper KS2 Assessing writing: ensuring fair and accurate judgements

Who should attend:
Year 5 and 6 teachers; English Subject Leaders

Assessment needs to be fair for pupils who have missed nearly two terms of face-to-face teaching but also reliable and accurate, particularly later in terms of measuring progress and when transitioning to secondary school.

With this in mind, we will unpick the National Curriculum writing requirements as well as the Teacher Assessment Framework to agree which statements we consider to be non-negotiables and where to allow some flexibility. The facilitator will provide a selection of writing from pupils in Y5 and Y6 for teachers to discuss and to agree what ‘age-related’ and ‘above age-related’ look like. We will discuss what pupils have been able to achieve and agree appropriate next steps to ensure that pupils make the necessary progress. We will discuss appropriate feedback and the importance of marking for accuracy. The facilitator will take the opportunity to model proofreading, editing and redrafting.

We will also discuss what ‘secondary ready’ means in English to ensure that our pupils get off to the best start in KS3.
  • To ensure that teacher assessment of writing in Y5 and 6 is fair and reliable
  • To carry out gaps-analysis in writing to identify next steps to ensure that pupils make the necessary progress.
  • To understand the importance of explicit modelling of proofreading, editing and redrafting to pupils
  • To ensure that pupils are secondary ready for English.

Leader(s): Eleanor Martlew, BPSI Adviser

Date(s): 11 May 2021
Time(s): 13:30 - 15:30
Format: This is a remote training session
This session will be not be recorded so please only sign up if you can attend
Provider: Barnet Partnership for School Improvement (BPSI)
Charges: Traded Services - No charge for subscribers to Barnet Partnership for School Improvement (BPSI).
Non-Member schools and organisations: £158

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Closing Date: 10 May 2021




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