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Designated Safeguarding Leads (DSLs) Reflection Groups


Inspecting safeguarding in early years education and skills 2019 states that schools should have ‘clear and effective arrangements for staff development and training in respect of the protection and care of children and learners. Staff and other adults receive regular supervision and support if they are working directly and regularly with children and learners whose safety and welfare are at risk.’

In response to this requirement BELS Educational Psychology Team have developed a supervision offer to support Barnet Designated Safeguarding Leads.


  • Group supervision and support for DSLs to discuss school-based situations
  • To strengthen our understanding of these concerns/situations
  • To explore the emotional responses of your school community
  • To offer and receive support from one another
  • To identify possible next steps/ways forward

Example topics
  • Planning and managing the school response to concerns about the child
  • Managing stress and anxiety in about difficult interventions
  • Responding to families

How the Reflection groups work
Closed groups of 4-6 staff meet virtually, once every three weeks.
Sessions last for one hour. The first introduction session lasts for 90 minutes.
Sessions are facilitated by an Educational Psychologist.
The facilitating EP will contact each DSL before the first session to introduce themselves and share key information.
EP facilitates by supporting the supervision structure, encouraging reflection, making links between what has been discussed, and providing a psychological perspective.

In some situations you may be involved in complex, long-term, and emotionally challenging issues, which may impact on your wellbeing and professional role. In these situations, if we feel that you may benefit from more individual therapeutic support, we will signpost you to the right type of support for you and your circumstances.

In each session;
  1. Members share ‘headlines’ (concerns, issues, thoughts that are on their mind)
  2. Group agree 1-2 headlines to focus on during each session.
  3. One person presents their concern or issue, while others listen.
  4. The group ‘unpicks’ the issue/concern listening, commenting and questioning.
  5. Next steps/ways forward are identified.

Leader(s): Barnet Educational Psychologists

Provider: Educational Psychology Team

Traded Services
4 EP hours (paid out of your existing time), or
7 BPSI hours, or
Open to schools within Barnet and those with Barnet residents.

The council is committed to providing equality of opportunity for all. If you have any particular needs (for example, access, parking, hearing loop, large print handouts, signing, tape recorders, or specific dietary needs etc) please telephone the Traded Services Business Support Team on (020) 8359 /6306/6325/6341 to discuss your needs.

Closing Date: 22 January 2021

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