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Enhancing Staff Engagement

Who should attend:
Heads, Deputies and SLTs

The new OFSTED inspection framework for Leadership and Management will require leaders to:

  • engage effectively with their staff, to be aware and take account of the main pressures on them
  • be realistic and constructive in the way that they manage staff and their workload.
  • protect their staff from bullying and harassment
  • ensure that highly effective and meaningful engagement takes place with staff at all levels and that issues are identified consistently dealt with appropriately and quickly.
  • consistently report high levels of support for well-being issues.
  • the extent to which leaders take into account the workload and well-being of
  • their staff, while also developing and strengthening the quality of the workforce
Within the new Inspecting Safeguarding guidance for inspectors :
  • staff supervision is listed as one of the signs of successful safeguarding arrangements within schools
  • inspectors will be looking at whether staff who work directly and regularly with children and learners, whose safety and welfare are at risk, receive regular supervision and support.
  • This programme will focus on the above issues and will help senior leaders examine whether staff engagement and supervision in their school addresses the above criteria.

At the end of the programme, participants will have :

  • Reviewed the importance of employee engagement and the key part it plays in the school’s success together with developing a strategy for school staff engagement and setting clear objectives which contribute to the school's aims to raise educational standards for all children
  • Considered how the SLT achieves a culture of respect, fairness, constructive feedback, clear communication and teamwork 
  • Assessed whether all school staff are motivated and discussed steps to improve motivation for all staff
  • Evaluated whether all staff strive to develop themselves professionally
  • Achieved a school environment that encourages senior leaders to discuss difficult issues swiftly, manage conflict and ensure there is time and space for difficult conversations
  • Reviewed if all staff believe they have a work–life balance and whether this is supported on an on-going basis together with evaluating how leaders asses the workload and well-being of their staff
  • Discussed how to develop a strategy ensuring staff views are considered
  • Understand the importance of structured supervision for all staff who work directly and regularly with children and learners whose safety and welfare are at risk
  • Ensured staff supervision is carefully considered as an important step in safeguarding children appropriately together with helping staff to process professionally their concerns and anxieties.

Leader(s): Stephanie Segal

Date(s): 03 November, 25 November 2020 and 9 March 12 May 2021
Time(s): 09:30 - 12:00
Format: Session 1 and 2 will be held remotely.
Session 3 will either be held at the PDC or remotely if necessary.
This course will be NOT be recorded so please only sign up if you can attend the live session
Provider: Barnet Partnership for School Improvement
Charges: Traded Services - No charge for subscribers to Barnet Partnership for School Improvement (BPSI). Non-Member schools and organisations: £262

The council is committed to providing equality of opportunity for all. If you have any particular needs (for example, access, parking, hearing loop, large print handouts, signing, tape recorders, or specific dietary needs etc) please telephone the BPSI Business Support Team on (020) 8359 6341/6306/6325 to discuss your needs.

Closing Date: 1 November 2020




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